An editor places himself between the writer and the reader, steering the text back on track if it goes astray. He finds a more direct route if the chosen path deviates too far from its course, and a simpler and clearer construction if the writer’s track gets muddy.

Strong editing is a gentle and seamless task. The aim is to correct any howlers without losing the writer’s voice.

Sometimes writers need advice on how to construct their work, particularly if it’s a lengthy project such as a book or a substantial essay or report.

I’ve worked on news copy and feature writing as a sub-editor and section editor at The Australian, The Age and The Northern Star (Lismore).

I’ve also edited two books for Pluto Press: Australian Son, a biography of Mark Latham by Craig McGregor, and The Barefoot Investor, a guide to personal finance by News Ltd columnist Scott Pape.

I can help with all editing projects from brochures to books.