My background is in traditional media and more recently I’ve been writing, editing and facilitating for a broader range of groups. Over the years, I’ve been a reporter, sub-editor and editor in print, on air and online. I’ve worked at The Australian, ABC Radio, The Age, in suburban and regional newspapers, and Indigenous media groups.

My work has taken me all over the country, from city newsrooms to outstations in the Western Desert. I spent ten years in Alice Springs working with Aboriginal broadcasters and community organisations and I’ve edited a travel website in Byron Bay.

These days I work from home in Melbourne. My life is guided by a passion for social justice and peace, and for simple and sustainable living.

My first full-time job was as a cadet journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald. In those days the fabled rivers of gold – the classified ads – supported a teeming pool of reporters.

More recently newsrooms have shrunk in size as newsprint gives way to online publishing but the skills involved in composing a story remain largely unchanged. Good writing is still about making a connection that draws in the reader.

On the other side of the media ledger, I’ve worked as a media officer for Victoria University and for the Greens. I also enjoy writing reviews and short stories and I’ve edited a few books. You can get a feel for my writing on my blog.

In addition to completing my journalism cadetship at the SMH, I have qualifications in book editing, workplace training and group facilitation.